Terms of Service

Here is the charter to make the best use of our site!

  1. Purpose of the site
    For all those who want to talk, talk and discover young Francophone of their age, D4DRAMAS is a site for discussion and exchange of Francophone youth. In addition, as teens are often broke 🙂 all the basic functions of site are free.
  2. Terms of use – Obligations
    – Respect the privacy of others connected and the confidentiality of correspondence exchanged.
    – Do not propose, solicit or promote paid goods or services or financial counterparties.
    – Do not violate public order or willfully break the law.
    – Do not put his email, instant messenger address (msn, yahoo, gtalk …) on my profile or personal message.
    – Abstain from the connected to any proposal or initiative contrary to their expressed will.
    – Do not divert users of this site to another site, or a competing service.
    – Do not attempt to undermine the systems of this service.
    – Do not make comments contrary to ethics (pedophilia, homophobia, racism, insults …).
    – Do not post excessive messages on our forums without these messages bringing a real interest to this discussion.
  3. Moderators / Admins
    They have the right to delete messages that do not respect the charter on our forums. They undertake to respect the confidentiality of the data to which they have access.

    A member excluded by an administrator or moderator can not claim the cancellation of this exclusion by another administrator or moderator.

    The moderators are chosen by the administrators among the volunteer members, present, active contributing to relevant remarks on our forums and chat.

    However, we reserves the right to refuse a new moderator or to exclude one without specifying the reason.